Monday, August 15, 2011

Find a Safaid Posh

We are in the holy month of Ramazan. In this month, the Muslims pay Zakat to the less privileged people, and many social organizations or the individuals such as Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi, Mr. Ramzan Chhipa, Mr. Ansar Barni, Mr. Imran Khan, Mr. Bashir Farooqi, SUIT etc request for the amount of Zakat to run their trusts. They are certainly doing a great job for the welfare of people and we must help them out of our savings and Zakat.

However, there are still more deserving than these organizations and we must find them around us. These people are Safaid Posh i.e. the ones who do not ask for any help or favours from others owing to their own self-respect and continue to survive with the limited or little means. These people have always lived a meritorious life. They have earned respect through their individual efforts and endeavours. Due to a cruel twist of fate, they have fallen short of making their both ends meet. These may be the ones who healed our worldly wounds with their words and hands, who showed us the right path out of our anguish and who straightened our wrongs.

You will find these people counting their days in a hospital or surviving with their ailing wife in a small house. They will be the ones abandoned by their beloved children who are unmindful of their parents’ needs in old age. These people will be quiet in their own houses and would still like a human company. They would certainly look for someone to buy them a suit of Eid, ration of a few days or a meal on Eid day.

Find these Safaid Posh people, extend your helping hand to them and make their life great and your days most rewarding. Trust me! The people in a hospital, orphanage, old homes and quiet houses are already waiting for you. Please reach them before it is too late.

Good luck for your quest


Anonymous said...

so many people around us "safaid posh" but yet not recognized because they know how to hide their wounded hearts behind their cheery faces.this is our duty not being only a muslim but being a human too, to help such people in a way that don't hurt their self respect.

Saleem Rahoojo said...

yes sir so many people meet us daily.
we don't know about their character and their background but we make friendship with them.
we don't think that they are good or my point of view that one sincere friend is better then million selfish friends.

Mujtaba said...

God loves those who helps his needy people. In this case our hands are more important to help, and we'll get most important lips to pray for us. I pray this article may bring change in most of those people who does not think about these peoples around us, this article can divert the attention of most of peoples towards these needy peoples.

Anonymous said...

so heart touching!
we can reach out to those who are around us. Even the smallest gesture of kindness can make a huge difference in someone's life.
Even more valuable than money is a gift of giving someone our time. May Allah guide all of us upon the straight path of faith, and help us to be filled with patience, humility, and kindness.